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Aluminum Railings

touch of beauty and class
Aluminum Railings always adds a touch of beauty and class, improve the look of your outdoor areas, elegant appearance. Aluminum Railings are great feature that provides security and increase visual appeal of any space. Strong and durable aluminum railings are ideal on sundecks, stairs, balcony ext. The color is baked, not powder-coated, to ensure a lasting, UV resistant finish. No painting or staining, will not warp, crack or fade with time. Aluminum Railings don't require any maintenance to retain their beauty and remain strong and reliable.

Glass Railings

most attractive of all railing structure
Glass Railings are the most attractive of all railing structure.

It is a wonderful addition of highly sophisticated modern look and luxury to any home and are ideal for sundecks.

It can be made with Aluminum frame or Stainless steel frame.

Glass panels visually 'open space'.

It provide your property with a chic and transparent sphere of safety.

We will work with your budget to give you a value for your money.

Composite Railing

latest trend in low maintenance
Composite decking offers the latest trend in low maintenance, easy installation decking.

This durable material resist mold, stains, scratches and splinters.

Homeowners love it because it is requires no annual sealing and staining, even in harsh weather conditions.

Available in a variety of colors and grains, composite decking offers the look and feel of natural wood and beautiful attractive appearance.

No sanding. No staining. No painting.

In fact, the only major maintenance require is washing with soup and water.

Cedar Railing

for 20-40 years or more
Cedar is a durable wood that is naturally resist to rot, decay and insects attacks, and resist moisture absorption.

So, it tends to last longer, needs less maintenance, and doesn't warp split as easily.

A Cedar deck can last for 20-40 years or more, depending on maintenance and environment.

Cedar is generally a more attractive wood solution, with strong color tones and consistency that can be sanded, stained and treated for a beautiful finish.

Pressure Treated Railing

Ideal for outdoor construction
Pressure Treated Wood is ideal for outdoor construction as it has a long, useful life span and is much less expensive than alternatives.

Pressure Treated Wood (PT) is an outstanding choice to use for the construction of the deck.

Pressure Treated Wood has excellent feature such as it's resistant to fungal decay and termites as well as it's attractive price -point.

In comparison to Cedar and Composite, Pressure Treated Wood is the most cost-effective option for installation of decking. The chemicals used to create PT lumber prevent rot, but they also act as an insecticide.


highest quality
Working with Decks Done Right, you will receive the highest quality workmanship and industry- leading products, backed by the warranties in the business.

Decks Done Right gives you 2-year guaranty on workmanship, plus option for extra 5 years for additional payment.

Warranty on material and manufacturing defect is up to 20 years as per manufacturer, paint finish and plastic parts up to 5 years of manufacture warranty.

Warranty do not cover natural shrinkage of the wood.

We are proud of every deck and railing we built and always stand for our clients.